About Us

Hassira Ruby & Sapphire is a jeweler offering a wide range of styles. We combine an eye for detail, high-quality materials, and a personal touch to make beautiful rings and necklaces that are as unique as you. 

As a Canadian company, we know the importance of looking local for our materials – our team only uses conflict-free, responsibly sourced gemstones. It’s how you can feel great about your jewelry while they help you look great!

We’re located in London, Ontario, but ship to customers across Canada through our online store. Please browse our online shop, take a closer look at our offerings using the 3D Viewer, and see how Hassira Ruby & Sapphire can bring you the jewelry of your dreams!

We are proud members of the Canadian Jewelers Association, the national trade association for the Canadian jeweler industry. It shows how we are committed to making our industry more professional to serve our customers better and help them trust locally made jewelry. We treat every product with care, respecting the materials used, the crafting process, and our customers.

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